Server packages

Starter package

6 hours included
for setup and migration

Beginning with our affordable starter package you can quickly add more CPUs, RAM or servers. The starter package includes 6 hours of engineer time for installing and migrating your app from other hosting services.

Service Cost
2 × application server
Server type m2.4
You may also choose other server sizes (CPU, memory, SSD) for your individual workload. We will credit or bill the cost difference.
€ 92 per month
2 × 100 GB SSD storage
Both local and shared network storage count against this quota.
€ 18 per month
2 × proactive management
for 2 application servers.
Includes security updates, backup checks and extensive monitoring.
€ 190 per month
Assistance for setup and migration
Up to 6 hours during the first 6 weeks.
1 GB database
In a shared database cluster.
You can always switch to dedicated cluster.
Default retention is 7 days.
Optimized configuration
Hardened operating system.
Application server preconfigured for your app.
Load balancer
with automatic failover.
1000 GB external traffic
We don't bill internal traffic.
SMTP relay
For sending e-mail.
Starter package total
€ 300
per month

Extension packages

Need something not listed here? Configure a custom server or contact us for a consultation.

Staging/demo server
Extra application server
Dedicated job server
Dedicated database cluster
Dedicated Elasticsearch cluster
Matomo server
Metabase server
Custom server

Custom servers

You can have us configure custom servers with one of the server types below. You may also switch an existing server to another server type.

Servers can be used for any purpose. We bill the same price whether we configure application servers, database servers or job servers.

Server types

If you're not sure what's right for your workload, contact us for a consultation.

Please mind that disk space is billed separately.

Server price
per month
Proactive management
per month
per month
m1.2 1 2 € 23 € 95 € 118 plus setup
m2.4 2 4 € 46 € 95 € 141 plus setup
m2.8 2 8 € 73 € 95 € 168 plus setup
m4.8 4 8 € 92 € 95 € 187 plus setup
m4.12 4 12 € 120 € 95 € 215 plus setup
m4.16 4 16 € 147 € 95 € 242 plus setup
m6.16 6 16 € 166 € 95 € 261 plus setup
m4.32 4 32 € 256 € 95 € 351 plus setup
m6.32 6 32 € 275 € 95 € 370 plus setup


Service Cost
100 GB SSD storage
Both local and shared network storage count against this quota.
€ 9
per month
5 GB extra space in shared database cluster
Starter package includes 1 GB of storage.
Billed per database exceeding 1 GB.
Not billed for dedicated clusters.
Includes backup and point-in-time-recovery.
€ 25
per month
7 days extra backup retention for dedicated databases
Dedicated databases include 7 days of backup retention.
Billed per additional 7 days.
10% of hardware costs for dedicated database
Point-in-time recovery (PITR) for dedicated databases 50% of hardware costs for dedicated database


Ops support & consulting

Accelerate your developers with our operations team. We're experts in all things Linux, cloud and Ruby application hosting.

We only bill actual time used and provide estimates for larger tasks.

Your initial setup includes 6 hours of engineer time for installing and migrating your app.

Service Cost
Configuration changes
Not billed for routine maintenance tasks.
€ 120 per hour
Support for developers € 120 per hour
Bottleneck analysis € 120 per hour
Support for security audits
e.g. PCI DSS validation
€ 120 per hour
Application migration € 120 per hour
OpsComplete engineers in a shared Slack chat
For this fee we join your Slack during office hours.
Support & consulting tasks are billed per hour.
min. € 200
of monthly fee
per month


Service Cost
Extra external traffic
The first 1000 GB are on us.
€ 20 per TB
Extra IP address
€ 5 per month
HTTP caching at load balancer
100 MB cache size included.
€ 20
per month
Extra peak bandwidth
Default is 500 MBit.
on request
Multiple 10-Gigabit uplinks
with DNS round robin
on request
Web application firewall
€ 50
per month
DDoS protection
on request


Service Cost
Domain (.com)
€ 20 per year
Domain (.de)
€ 10 per year
Domain (other)
on request
SSL certificate (Let's Encrypt)
SSL certificate (Extended Validation)
€ 530 per year
SSL certificate (Wildcard)
€ 420 per year


Service Cost
E-mail inbox
1 GB storage
€ 5 per month

All listed prices are net prices excluding VAT.

Let us worry about your servers!

6 hours included
for setup and migration

Free your developers from operational issues and let them focus on delivering code.

The setup cost of € 300 includes 6 hours of engineer time for installing and migrating your app. Start your free trial today.

Managed hosting
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