We run your Rails app,
you focus on the code.

OpsComplete combines high-availability servers with a Ruby-experienced operations team that supports your developers and proactively addresses issues.
Ops support for your developers

Our experienced operations engineers assist with troubleshooting, deploying and scaling your app.

Your developers get direct contact to our ops team via e-mail, phone or Slack chat.

Proactive management

We proactively investigate monitoring alerts, install security updates and verify your backups.

We will also watch the load on your servers and alert you when a new app deployment has degraded performance.

Optimized for Ruby apps

Our servers are preconfigured for the needs of modern Ruby on Rails apps.

We provide a Capistrano recipe to deploy with a single command.

Grows with your business

Starting from an affordable starter package you can quickly add more CPUs, RAM or servers.

You can book as much or as little ops support as you like. We only bill the time used.

Trusted by powerful brands

Startups, SMEs and enterprises trust OpsComplete to run their Rails apps:

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Support from real engineers

6 hours included
for setup and migration

We support your developers as an external operations team. We can assist with troubleshooting, deploying and scaling your app.

You can reach our engineers directly via e-mail or phone. For a small fee we'll also join your Slack chat.

An architecture that grows with your business

OpsComplete lets you start small and scale as your app grows.

All our server setups are redundant (2+ servers) and load-balanced by default. You can quickly scale horizontally (more servers) or vertically (more CPUs and RAM).

Every setup includes a flat fee for proactive management.

Pricing examples

Choose from our server packages or configure a custom server.

We're also happy to consult you for a configuration that fits your requirements.

Medium sized app Growing startup High-traffic business
2 application servers
2 × Server m2.4
2 × 100 GB SSD
€ 110
3 application servers
3 × Server m4.8
3 × 200 GB SSD
€ 330
4 application servers
4 x Server m4.16
4 × 200 GB SSD
€ 660
High availability setup
~ 24 Rails workers
> 30 requests / second
High availability setup
~ 60 Rails workers
> 100 requests / second
High availability setup
~ 150 Rails workers
> 300 requests / second
Shared DB cluster € 0
2 dedicated DB servers
2 × Server m2.4
2 × 100 GB SSD
€ 110
2 dedicated DB servers
2 × Server m2.4
2 × 100 GB SSD
€ 110
2 dedicated job servers
2 × Server m2.4
2 × 100 GB SSD
€ 110
Proactive management
for 2 servers
€ 190
Proactive management
for 5 servers
€ 475
Proactive management
for 8 servers
€ 760
Developer support
for 2 hours
€ 190
Developer support
for 8 hours
€ 760
OpsComplete engineer
in your Slack
€ 200
Monthly cost
€ 300
Monthly cost
€ 1105
Monthly cost
€ 2600

Exceptional availability

Our servers are located in a tier 3 data center in Germany. Our data center is certified under ISO27001 and BS25999. A multiply redundant backbone provides more than 250 Gbit/s of uplink capacity while peering with DE-CIX, LINX, ECIX and many carriers.

Thanks to our redundant server setups, your app stays available in case of hardware failure. We then proactively restore redundancy.

Should you ever outgrow our data center we can easily migrate your setup to any AWS account.

Supports your favorite services

OpsComplete supports all your favorite services and databases. Drawing from years of experience, we know about common failure modes and how they behave under load.

We will proactively monitor, backup and update your services. Services are always configured in high-availability clusters of at least two servers.

MySQL or MariaDB
Shared or dedicated cluster
Shared or dedicated cluster
Distributed file system
Always in sync on all servers
Redundant cluster
Redundant cluster with Sentinel
Redundant cluster
Multiple instances
Any Ruby version
3.x, 2.x, 1.8.7
Any Rails version
7.x, 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, 3.2, 2.3, Rails LTS
Multiple apps per server pair
Mix frameworks, versions, languages
Multiple environments
E.g. staging and production
Any application server
Passenger, Puma, Unicorn
Any web server
nginx, Apache
Free SSL certificates
Automated with Let's Encrypt
E-mail boxes
SMTP relay
Background jobs
With Sidekiq or Cron
Productivity tools
Gitlab, Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, …
ELK stack
ElasticSearch / Kibana / Logstash
More services available
Just talk to us

Let us worry about your servers!

6 hours included
for setup and migration

Free your developers from operational issues and let them focus on delivering code.

The setup cost of € 300 includes 6 hours of engineer time for installing and migrating your app. Start your free trial today.

Managed hosting
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