Setup costs

6 hours included
for setup and migration

With your initial purchase we bill a one-time setup fee in the amount of one monthly fee. Your setup includes 6 hours of engineer time for installing and migrating your app.

Typical setup tasks include:

Installing and configuring your servers using repeatable, version-controlled configuration.
Hardening the security of your server configuration.
Configuring load balancers, app servers, databases and SSL certificates.
Coordinating deployment details with your developers (e.g. using a Capistrano recipe).
Migrating your app and data from a previous hosting provider.

You may use your setup time within 6 weeks of placing your order. Unused hours expire.

After 6 weeks, expenses for configuration changes, customization, developers support, etc. will be charged at a rate of € 120 per hour. We only bill actual time used and provide estimates for larger tasks.

Managed hosting
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